Jet Boat


For the most demanding jet boat requirements, experts turn to Marine Power to deliver performance and value.

When performance matters most, you can trust Marine power jet boat engines to provide the power needed.  From the latest MEFI fuel injection to aluminum performance exhaust systems, our jet boat engines come equipped for maximum results.


MEFI Controlled

Marine Power Jet boat engines are controlled by the latest MEFI fuel injection computers allowing for more horsepower and less fuel consumption. 

Aluminum Performance Exhaust

Our Jet boat engines come equipped with official Marine Power Aluminum Exhaust systems, including manifolds, risers, and gaskets.

High Pressure Fuel System

Our Jet boat engines come equipped with official Marine Power high pressure fuel systems.


When it comes to jet boat performance, Marine Power is the industries most trusted solution. Partnering with jet boat builders across the country, we've developed soltuions to meet the demands.


Our jet boat solutions have been designed and built to handle the toughest power demands and most technical applications.

State of the art
Fuel Injection

More horsepower, less fuel consumption, and greater combustion efficiency than engines with conventional port injection.

Low Cost, Maximum Speed

Our jet boat solutions from our engines to our pumps, are built to match the demands of the jet boat industry where low cost, maximum speed, and a light boat is the goal.



Our Jet Pumps combine the best the industry has to offer in an economical package. We listened to those working in the toughest global environments when designing our pumps.

Our updated designs of proven jet pump classics have set the standard in precision and performance.

901 Super Duty Mixed Flow Jet Pump

The 901 Super Duty mixed flow jet pump is the perfect solution for the toughest global environments. Salty and sandy conditions are no problem for this super duty pump. Includes double-lip seal to keep water out for smooth operation and race-inspired suction volume to support performance.

750 Axial Flow 3-Stage Flow Jet Pump

The 750 Axial Flow 3-Stage jet pump is our redesigned take on a classic. This pump is well suited for white water applications and features our exclusive machining technology to help meet the most demanding applications. This pump is available in 1, 2, and 3 stage configurations depending on the engine and boat size.