New 6.2L LSA Supercharged AirPac Engine
New 6.2L Gen V AirPac Engine

Air Boat


With 10+ years of airboat engineering experience and the Horizon Air Boat Award to prove it, Marine Power delivers the premier engines to service the airboat industry.

Marine Power proudly presents the LS family of fuel economy air boat engines with better power-to-weight ratios for your 13 foot boats all the way up to your 30 footers.


6.2L Gen V AirPac

The 6.2L L86 Gen V AirPac is a complete MEFI 7 controlled direct injected engine. The perfect airboat engine for more horsepower while burning less fuel and achieving greater combustion efficiency than engines with conventional port injection.

6.2 LSA Supercharged AirPac

Our 6.2L LSA AirPac engine is a supercharged 550HP air boat engine featuring high-flow cylinder head design with swirl-wing technology and multiport fuel injection.


Combining our history and experience in the air boating industry has led us to design the go-to airboat engines for professionals across the globe.


At Marine Power we pride ourselves on our custom air boat application and calibration capabilities, which leads to cutting edge engines.


Whether you need multiport or direct injection, we've got the engines to match and upgrade your current airboat.

Professional Solutions

Marine Power has been providing air boat solutions to the professionals for over ten years. Experts rely on Marine Power performance and custom capabilities to get the job done.