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Warranty Registration Form

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Marine Power
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Marine Power Holding, LLC strongly suggests a sea trial be performed by the servicing dealer after start-up inspection. This sea trial insures proper completion of your warranty registration form and is for your protection. The sea trial is intended as a check fo a proper installation of the entine and may help validate the warranty should problems arise.
Sea Trial Procedure

  1. Idle out of harbor checking instrumentation. Check engine for water and oil leaks and any unusual noise and/or vibration.
  2. Increase RPM to 2000 RPM. Check as outlined in (a) after a minimum of 10 minute run time. NOTE:  Some smoke from exhaust ports on exhaust manifolds is normal.
  3. Increase RPM to 3200 RPM for a minimum of ten minutes run time. When all checks as outlined in (a) are verified, proceed to step (d).
  4. Increase RPM to Wide Open Throttle (WOT) position. Check and insure that detonation noise is not present. Record water temperature, oil pressure and RPM readings. This sould be completed after an approximate 1 minute run time at WOT.  CAUTION: Do not operate engine at Wide Open Throttle (WOT) for an extended period of time. Using a propeller too large will not allow the engine to reach its rated RPM  range. It will create an overload which may cause destructive detonation and piston damage. This condition is harmful to the engine’s performance life. If this type of damage occurs, it will NOT be covered under warranty.
  5. At Wide Open Throttle, record oil pressure and water temperature.
  6. Decrease RPM to 700 RPM and record oil pressure and water temperature.
  7. Return to port.
  8. After sea trial is complete, tighten all exhaust riser bolts. The following information must be recorded:
    • Signature of person conducting sea trial
    • Owner signature
    • Date of retail sale to customer
    • Date of original start-up
    • Owner’s name
    • Owner’s complete address (no abbreviations for city please)
    • Owner’s telephone number (including area code)
    • Correct serial number
    • Drive type and model
    • Vessel data