Replacement Engines

You’ll find decades of watersports ingenuity built right into every Marine Power engine replacement solution. Inside the company and out – our wakeboarding engineering enthusiasts think and design with watersports in mind. Our valued, longstanding customer base trusts us to do whatever it takes to build the best possible engine for the industry’s broad and ever-changing demands. Take for instance Marine Power’s advanced fuel system that prevents fuel starvation during sharp turns associated with wake boarding and skiing. Or the availability of paddle wheel or GPS speed control to suit every boat builders needs. And how can we forget the full-service selection of engines that are GM-built – brand-new. Then fine-tuned for sport-specific performance designed to deliver The Force Behind the Fun. From long block to complete engine packages, Marine Power outfits the marine aftermarket with exactly what they need in speed and performance. More details are simply a call or click away.