Our Commitment

Whatever it takes. That sums up Marine Power’s commitment to our customers and what we’re willing to do to keep your business. From new product solutions to co-op advertising. Sponsorships to image building strategies. We continue to fine-tune our service approach to supply what you need. Create what you foresee. And continually improve our overall value to help you thrive in today’s competitive marketplace.

Patent-pending Tow Boat Oil Pan Windgate Tray:Many suppliers think any oil pan will do; the old one-size-fits-all approach. But Marine Power recently developed an exclusive tow boat oil pan design that prevents loss of oil pressure at extreme angles and pitch during wake surfing. It all started with a customer need that we turned into a product solution.

GPS Technology: Choosing between conventional paddle wheel vs. GPS speed control just got easier and more economical thanks to Marine Power. You’ll find all the technology you need at hard-to-find competitive pricing.

Customer Requested Marine Power Muffler Improvement: Working in partnership with a valued customer struggling with muffler issues, Marine Power contacted an expert muffler contractor. Together, they developed a new and improved solution that reduced sound and the risk of water intrusion through the exhaust. Once again, Marine Power steps up to solve a customer challenge.