L96 6.0L 385 HP VVT

Why sacrifice power for fuel efficiency?

This cast iron deep-skirt cylinder block limits crankshaft flex and stiffens engine’s structure. Its variable valve timing using a hydraulic cam phaser retards cam timing for low-end engine torque and advance cam timing for high horsepower. This Vortec engine means uncompromised power – with no sacrifice in fuel economy or durability plus very little maintenance is required.

  • Cast aluminum structural oil pan for additional rigidity
  • High flow aluminum cylinder head design with Inconel valves for increased dependability
  • Variable valve timing (VVT) for optimum performance
  • Steel camshaft, hydraulic roller lifters and steel roller rocker arms for reduced friction and excellent durability
  • Less camshaft overlap to improve idle quality
  • Electronic throttle body compatible with software in MEFI engine control module
  • Emissions compliant; E85 capable ethanol
  • Custom airboat calibrations