Jet Engines & Pumps

We could tell you Marine Power is your number one choice for jet boat engines and pumps. But we’d rather let others do it for us:

Some of the most demanding jet boat requirements
turned to Marine Power to deliver performance and value. 

Travis Hamlyn at Hellgate Excursions faces the industry’s toughest power demands which is why he partners with Marine Power. “The Rogue River is one of the most technical rivers in the United States and performance equals safety. Marine Power’s 6.0 LY6 engines give our vessels the power of a big block engine with the fuel economy of a small block.”

Hells Canyon Marine has trusted MarinePower from day one.
A thank you message from Jeremy Rhodes of Hells Canyon Marine reads: “We would like to express our appreciation for the business relationship we have with your company. We have been in business since 2005 and have being using Marine Power products since then and have been pleased with your customer service and the performance and quality of your engines. We would also like to thank you for the way your facility handles warranties and delivery of your products in a timely manner. Again, we would like to say thank you and look forward to being your business partner for many more years to come.”